I’m convinced that there are two kinds of people in the world: Those who make New Year’s resolutions and those who don’t. I’m the former. I love a new year and a new start. It’s a time of motivation, momentum, and hope that change is coming!

Whether you’re a resolution person or not, if 2021 was a tough year for you, you’re probably hoping that 2022 will be better. Reflecting on the divorce, the separation, the death, or the job loss, you’re likely looking into this new year with determination that change will come and you’re hopeful that you will be in a different place next year.

Here are 3 tips to make 2022 a year of healing: 

1. Get into Community – Finding a few people who are there to support you, uplift you, and listen to you is pivotal! How do you know they’re the right people? Supportive community looks like people who won’t preach at you constantly but allow you to be where you are. Supportive community also looks like people who don’t support destructive behavior like unhealthy coping mechanisms, rebound relationships, or bitterness towards the person who hurt you. And, good community will also challenge you to turn to Jesus!

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2. Get to know Jesus – Prioritize spending time with Jesus everyday is life changing! Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to read the entire Bible in a few days or that you spend hours locked in your room praying (although it could mean that). It simply means that you nurture your relationship with Him. Jesus Christ is a real person who is alive. That means you can actually get to know Him now.

(Need some practicals? Getting to know Jesus could mean spending time talking to Him about the pain of last year, reading the Gospels, buying a good devotional, or beginning a prayer journal practice. Just spend time with Him.)

3. Start seeing a therapist – What if this was a year to find breakthrough in any unhealthy coping mechanisms? How does it sound to finally have freedom from anxiety, depression, or a low self-esteem? And what if you began to proactively increase your emotional intelligence? Beginning to see a professional can help you process the pain of last year. This can make a world of difference in taking steps towards true healing in 2022. I know it’s scary to make that call and scheduling that appointment, but just do it! 

(Need help in finding a therapist? Listen to this podcast episode.)

I know it’s scary to step into a new year after a painful one, but 2022 can be the best year of your life!


A Reclaimed child of God.


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