Finding a therapist can be like dating: You have to put yourself out there, maybe go on a few dates and it can be really scary! In this episode, Ellie Herringshaw and her life-long friend Dr. Kristen Eliason, Ph.D. talk about how to find a good therapist and what you can expect in your first therapy appointment. Dr. Eliason recommends trying out a few therapists before making a final decision. Try taking recommendations of therapists from friends as well as checking out for therapists in your area. When it seems overwhelming, keep going because it will be worth it in the end! Invite the Holy Spirit into the process and He will be faithful to help you find a good fit.

Kristen Davis Eliason, Ph.D. completed her doctoral training in clinical psychology at Biola University and is a licensed clinical psychologist in Hawaii. Kristen completed her psychology internship and post-doctoral residency at VA Pacific Islands Health Care System in Honolulu, Hawaii where she specialized in Military Sexual Trauma and Women’s Health. Her research focuses on gender roles and sexism in religious populations and she is passionate about helping others understand the intersection between Christianity and feminism. Kristen is an outdoor-aholic who loves backpacking, running, surfing, and hiking. She lives with her husband Evan and geriatric cat named Oscar.

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