This June, Hope Reclaimed is celebrating the first anniversary of the “Reclaimed Community,” a hope-filled support group for women who are healing from divorce. Nearly 35 women have attended a meeting to share stories of pain and progress.

This community is all about taking steps towards healing from divorce, infidelity, or marital separation. The “D-word” can bring so much shame and isolation but God is able and willing to extend healing to every area of our lives.

Is It For You?

Are a woman living in St. Paul or Minneapolis experiencing marital separation, divorce or another crisis in your marriage? The Reclaimed Community is for you! Attendees will find a Christ-focused community that carries a culture of vulnerability, honor and celebration. We guarantee that your experience will be validated and encouraged. Whether reconciliation is an option in your marriage or you’re working to reclaim your identity as a single person again, this group discusses the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of healing. There is hope in Jesus and you are not alone!


“I am so thankful that our loving God has led me to Ellie’s ‘Reclaimed’ group of women. I have found a place where I can go and be comfortable to share and not feel judged. A place where I know these women can relate to what I’ve gone through and continue to work through. I can lean in for comfort when I need it, to pray for each other and over one another. To not only get help, but also to give encouragement and support to others. I found by being bold and sharing my story, not only am I experiencing healing, but a piece of my journey can be used by God to speak to the hurting heart of another person and be just what they needed to hear, at just the right moment. God’s love never fails, and I feel this in how He has brought his precious daughters together. God’s arms are wrapped around ‘Reclaimed.’” – Tanya Sloan

“You will absolutely love the Reclaimed Community! It is a wonderful gathering of women who are full of hope and encouragement. Ellie leads the group with so much compassion and wisdom! It’s definitely a judgement free/shame free zone! It’s a safe place to share your heart and feel built up and understood. You will feel completely at home and accepted. Please join us!” – Lisa Hardy Frost

When and Where?

We meet every-other Monday starting June 17th at Ellie Herringshaw’s home in South Minneapolis. For more information, email Ellie Herringshaw

Start Your Own Community

Start your own Reclaimed Community with the help and guidance of Hope Reclaimed. Contact Ellie for more details.


A Reclaimed child of God.


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