For the past year and a half, Reclaiming has been a way of life for me. When I discovered my ex-husband’s affair, I felt called to heal by “Reclaiming” places and things that held once happy memories to create new associations.

The idea of stepping into pain to allow God to heal emotional and relational wounds is a concept that I instinctually resonated with as I was going through my divorce. In writing and speaking about Reclaiming over the past year, so many people have felt the model applies to them as well. That’s amazing!

Currently, I’m working to develop a curriculum for Reclaiming and I need your help! Send me your questions! What do you want to know about Reclaiming? Healing? Divorce? Betrayal? Me?

Once I’ve collected your questions on my blog and social media, I will address them on my podcast or the blog or both!

Ready, set, GO!

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A Reclaimed child of God.


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