Are you separated from your husband or going through a divorce with him? Maybe your divorce is final now and you’re at a loss where to find support that’s actually… well, supportive!

The Reclaimed Community is a women only support-group community that has been around for nearly two years. We are all about taking steps towards healing from divorce, infidelity, or marital separation. The “D-word” can bring shame and isolation, but God is able and willing to extend healing to every area of your life. Whether reconciliation is an option in your marriage or you’re working to reclaim your identity as a single person again, this group will discuss the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of healing. 

This is a come-as-you-are support group that thrives on two things: Vulnerability and celebration. Participates are invited to share their story and what inspired them to join the group. Women who participate will be surrounded by other compassionate and brave individuals who are also walking through healing. We place a high value on celebrating what God has already done and what he’s going to do in and through us.

January through May, the Reclaimed Community will be meeting in-person and virtually over Zoom, a video conferencing service. You can choose which group fits your schedule and location, or you can come to both. 


2nd Tuesday of the month via a zoom

  • April 28
  • May 12
  • May 26