No one expects the loss of a child, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. That’s exactly what Haley Phillips faced in her second pregnancy with her son Fletcher. In this episode of Hope Reclaimed, Haley talks openly about her healing process after losing her son, as well as how she and her husband began The Fletcher Foundation, a non-profit designed to support families experiencing stillbirth and pregnancy loss.⁠
In this episode, you’ll hear about… ⁠
– Supporting someone experiencing loss⁠
– Prioritizing marriage while grieving⁠
– Subsequent pregnancies after loss⁠
– Changing your doctor during pregnancy
– Dad’s needs during pregnancy and loss

Haley Phillips

Haley Phillips, lives in Ankeny, Iowa with her husband, Matthew, and 3 earthly children, Hudson, Quinn and Sutton.  She works for a financial planning company and is the co-founder of The Fletcher Foundation. You can find her drinking coffee, rocking their newborn or driving to preschool these days.
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