When you get married, you never imagine that you would be entering the crazy and complicated world of the divorce legal system! That’s what happened for Heidi Carlson. After a sudden and terrifying event in her marriage, she immediately stepped into the legal system. If you suddenly find yourself in the middle of a messy divorce, you are not alone!

Heidi Carlson

Heidi Carlson is a Domestic Violence Coach.  She has been in Family Court litigation over the past 11 years, she has spent over $140k and experienced over 70 motion hearings fighting for custody of her twin daughters. Now she helps Professional Women get a divorce faster and reduce their legal fees by arming them with knowledge and wisdom to be the leader in their legal matters and get to a state of being FREE from their abuser. 

Website // HeidiCarlsonCoaching.com

Hope Reclaimed

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A Reclaimed child of God.


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