Why is the topic of forgiveness so incredibly challenging? Why does it feel like we’ll never finally arrive there? In this episode of Hope Reclaimed, Ellie Collins interviews Diann Antley about her experience facing divorce. For Diann, forgiveness was the key turning point for healing and stepping into freedom.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why withholding forgiveness may affect every other relationship in your life.
  • Choosing to look at your own mistakes may be the first step to forgive.
  • Will you ever be able to hear his name without cringing? Yes!
  • Why getting in another romantic relationship too soon can just perpetuate your pain.

Diann Antley

Diann Antley is a media host, speaker, author and coach. And as the founder of Anew You, Clarified, Diann is passionate about bringing support to divorced Christian women as they journey into reclaiming their power by forgiving and releasing.

Website // www.anewyouclarified.com

Email // diannantley@gmail.com

Instagram // @anew_you_clarified

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