Why is trusting God so challenging at times? Why is it that He can feel so quiet at times when we need to hear His voice the most? This is how Erica Dvorak felt when she was starting her business, Faith & Gather. Taking steps of faith, she stepped out to start the business and quickly knew she needed to pivot.

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Erica Dvorak

Erica Dvorak is the founder of Faith & Gather a lifestyle content platform that provides a safe, encouraging space for Christian women to build community, confidence, and feel supported in all areas of their life. She is also the host of the Faith Inspired Podcast by Faith & Gather, a podcast that leaves listeners faith-inspired to tackle every area of life – keeping them one step ahead of the devil armed with the knowledge to fight their everyday battles. Erica is mom to a toddler full of energy and wife to a man who is nothing short of a gift. Her passion and purpose in life are to inspire hope and courage in others through her faith in Jesus Christ.

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