Loving someone with addiction is not easy! In this episode of Hope Reclaimed, Ellie Collins interviews Pam Jones Lanhart. Pam shares her story of supporting her son through addition. Pam is now the founder of Thrive Family Support which gives encouragement to family members of individuals with addiction.

Pam’s Bio:

Pam has lived in the shadow of addiction her entire life.  Growing up as the child of parents that struggled with substance use and having 3 siblings that were impacted, Pam determined that addiction would not impact her family.  So when her son became affected at the young age of 12 Pam set out on a mission to understand the disease, how it impacted families and what the recovery process looked like not just for her son, but for herself as well.

As a result Pam started a non-profit in Minnesota called Thrive Family Support which helps families nationally connect to resources, education and support.  Pam’s mission is to educate and inform families to a compassionate, loving response to substance use disorder and coaches dozens of families each year.  She is a high profile advocate in Minnesota and throughout the country, recently winning the Parent Advocate Award from Know the Truth in Minnesota.  She is a certified peer recovery coach, family recovery coach and family systems case manager/interventionist.  Her passion is to help women step out of their own shame, fear and anger so they can best support their family members. Pam is the author of the book Praying Our Loved One Home.  The mother of 4 amazing children, a grandmother and Pam been married to her husband Paul for almost 40 years.

Book: Praying Our Loved One Home

Blog: Our Marvelous Mess

Website: www.pamlanhart.com

Website: www.thrivefamilysupport.org

Website: www.family-rx.org

Facebook group: Thrive Family Addiction Support

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