Rebound relationships are destructive and unhealthy! Although they may feel good in the moment, rebounds can set you back in your healing from a divorce or a breakup. In this episode of Hope Reclaimed, Ellie Herringshaw gives seven signs you may be in a rebound relationship after divorce.

Signs you may be in a rebound relationship:

  1. You’ are trying to forget your ex.
  2. You are attempting to make your ex jealous.
  3. You are self-medicating the pain you feel.
  4. You are trying to get validation that you are attractive, desirable, wanted, etc..
  5. You think about your ex when you’re with the new person.
  6. You know the relationship won’t go anywhere.
  7. You are hiding the relationship or not fully including them in your inner circle.

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Seven Signs Your New Relationship May Be A Rebound - Hope Reclaimed · September 17, 2020 at 9:01 am

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